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Vitamin B12 Deficiency Health Tips Not Good For Health Vitamin B12…

Health Tips: Vitamins and minerals play a huge role in keeping our health good. Due to their deficiency, the body is surrounded by many diseases. Vitamin B12 is very important for the body in all nutrition, it not only makes red blood cells in our body but also keeps our body’s nervous system and brain health healthy. That’s why when its deficiency starts happening in the body, then the body starts giving signals to us. Sometimes the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are mistaken for symptoms of some other condition. But if vitamin deficiency is not treated at the right time, it can cause many other diseases in your body. It is easy for you to identify the symptoms, so we are going to tell you about its symptoms through this article.

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Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

1. Headache

Vitamin B12 deficiency in the body can affect neurological function. Vitamin B12 also keeps our body’s nervous system and brain health healthy, so when it becomes deficient, the body can have neurological symptoms including headache. A study in 2019 revealed that people with high B12 levels have a lower risk of getting migraines as compared to those who are deficient.

2. Difficulty concentrating

Vitamin B12 deficiency causes difficulty in concentrating. Some research says that deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body is related to memory. Due to this, when there is deficiency of vitamins in the body, then you have difficulty in concentrating and there is confusion.

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3. Fatigue

Vitamin B12 is essential for the formation of red blood cells. Therefore, due to deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body, you go into the condition of megaloblastic anemia. In this condition, the body starts producing too many red blood cells, due to which you start feeling tired. This is the reason why one of the most common symptoms of this condition is fatigue.

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4. Tingling in hands and feet

Paresthesia or ‘pins and needles’ is one of the telltale signs of vitamin B12 deficiency. It is a burning sensation that often occurs in the hands, arms, legs or can also occur in any other part of the body.

5. Yellowing of the skin

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 can lead to anemia. In the condition of anemia, the body is not able to make sufficient amount of red blood cells. Therefore, due to this reason your skin starts turning yellow. Symptoms include a pale yellow color to your skin.

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