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Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes Problems In The Mouth

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Vitamins have special importance in the body. If there is a deficiency of vitamins in the body, then many types of diseases start taking people in their grip. Today we will talk about the importance of Vitamin B12 in the body. Due to its deficiency, many types of problems start happening. Due to its deficiency, hormonal changes start happening. Today we try to know its value in the body by talking about them.

Vitamin B12 is responsible for many functions in our body. It helps in the formation of blood cells. Without red blood cells, the tissues and organs of our body do not get proper oxygen. Due to this, many types of problems start happening. For example, having weak muscles, body numbness, difficulty in walking, nausea, weight loss, irritability, fatigue and increased heart beat are included.

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This becomes mouth disease
Vitamin B12 deficiency is directly related to pimples. Deficiency of vitamin B12 in the mouth can cause unusual symptoms. This is called lingual paresthesia. This includes burning sensation, tingling, prickling, burning sensation on the tongue, swelling etc. It is also commonly known as glossitis. Doctors say that if there is swelling or other infection of the tongue, then it is not necessary that the reason behind it is the deficiency of Vitamin B12. Allergies or other infections can also be the reason for this. If the problem is more, one should go to the doctor for treatment.

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Report published in the journal
According to media reports, a report was also published in The Canadian Medical Association regarding this. Symptoms emerged in a 61-year-old woman in the form of lingual paresthesia. The woman got it examined several times, but the disease could not be identified. Later, when the woman was thoroughly examined, it was found that the woman was suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency. Injected to meet the deficiency of Vitamin B12. After that the problem of the woman’s tongue was completely cured.

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That’s why there is a shortage
There can be many reasons for Vitamin B12 deficiency. It may be that you are not taking vitamin B12-laced food or supplements. Another reason could be that Vitamin B12 is not getting absorbed properly in the body. Apart from this, some people have a rare disease called Pernicious Anemia. Because of this, there can be problems at the internal level in the stomach. The body is not able to properly absorb vitamin B12 from food or other sources. This leads to deficiency of Vitamin B12.

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