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Vishal Kumar resident of Muzaffarpur Bihar has secured 484 rank in the…

It is the dream of most of the students to crack the UPSC exam. Recently UPSC results came out, many students have cleared this exam. Some of these students studied living amidst good facilities, while some students struggled and sat in this examination. In this article, we are going to tell you the story of Vishal Kumar of Bihar, who has secured 484th rank in the UPSC exam.

The mountain of trouble broke after the death of the father: Vishal’s father used to work as a laborer, he used to run the house with his earnings, but later in the year 2008, the father’s shadow also got up from his head. In such a situation, the mother took a loan to feed the family and continued Vishal’s studies. Vishal also never made his family sad with his results and now he has cracked the UPSC exam. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the whole family.

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Mother took loan, got her studies completed by rearing goat After the death of Vishal’s father, mother Reena Devi started raising the family expenses by rearing goats and buffaloes, somehow the household expenses and children’s education continued. Mother says that Vishal was fine in studies from the beginning and struggled a lot in life. Vishal’s mother said that now the whole family is very happy, we are also very happy.

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IIT Kanpur reached after topping the district: Vishal’s brother Rahul Kumar told that the change in Vishal’s life started only after the death of his father. He focused on studies and topped the district in the matriculation examination. After this, he did his graduation in chemical engineering at IIT Kanpur and then did a job to meet the shortage of money. After this he prepared for UPSC by staying in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi and now the result is in front of all of us.

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Increased morale with the help of teacher: Those who know Vishal Kumar say that it is the penance of Vishal’s mother that today this result has come to the fore. Gaurishankar, a teacher from the village, inspired Vishal to appear for the UPSC exam. Vishal Kumar was furthering his studies under his guidance. Now by passing the UPSC exam, Vishal has brought laurels not only to the family but to the entire district.

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