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Viral Fever In Kids How To Cure Fever In Kids Corona Symptoms In Kids How To…

Viral Fever In Kids: Fever in a small child not only bothers the parents, but the child himself also becomes weak and irritable. If you keep the rules in the routine of the child for 2-3 days after fever and give medicines from time to time according to the advice of the doctor, then the recovery will be very quick. To cure the fever of the child, how to keep his diet and how to keep his routine so that the disease does not increase. That is why it is important for you to know some things.

  • Do not keep the child on an empty stomach in the morning, if the child does not feel like eating as soon as he wakes up, then dip it in tea and give him flour biscuits or toast.
  • Instead of breakfast bread, oats, feed milk-porridge or homemade food or paratha of its choice
  • Feed him some fruit during the day after breakfast. Avoid banana, orange, kiwi and feed fruits like apple, papaya, pair
  • In lunch, feed lentils, roti, vegetables or any fresh home-cooked food to the child. Do not feed curd raita or cold salad in case of fever
  • Even if the child does not sleep, then definitely put him to sleep after lunch. In fever, the energy of the child remains low and if he does not sleep during the day, then he can sleep in the evening and then after sleeping in the evening, he will sleep late at night, so sleep during the day itself.
  • Give lukewarm milk to the baby in the evening. If the child can drink, then add a pinch of turmeric to his milk. In the evening, instead of fruit, feed makhana, tomato soup or any homemade snack.
  • Do not make the dinner too heavy for the child and feed roti, vegetable or any fresh home-cooked food. Give medicine to the child from time to time and do not give sour, cold and preservative food to the child
  • Do not let the child have a high fever, if still there is a high fever, then instead of cold water, keep a normal water bandage.
  • Include liquid in the child’s diet, you can give him coconut water, milk, fresh juice, but do not give any liquid cold at all.
  • There is no problem in giving a bath to the baby even with a little lukewarm water. The child also feels fresh after taking a bath.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult a doctor.

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