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Vande Bharat Express Became The First Veg Train Of The Country You Will…

Indian Railways Rule Vande Bharat Express : Indian Railways has made a big announcement for those traveling in Vande Bharat Express train. Let us tell you that in the Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Train, now a ban has been imposed on eating and carrying non-veg. Vande Bharat train will be the first such train in the country, which has been given a Sattvik Certificate. That is, now this train has become completely Hygienic and Vegetarian.

country’s first sattvik train
It is known that Indian Railways has started this. Now an agreement has been reached between the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation and the Sattvik Council of India, which provides catering facilities in trains. After which now passengers cannot eat non-veg in it from their side.

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Some trains will be sattvik
According to the Railways, IRCTC has started making Vande Bharat a sattvik train. Gradually other trains going to religious places will also be made sattvik. The passengers traveling in these trains are those who are going on a religious journey and like to eat completely sattvic. Along with this, the rest of the trains will also be made sattvik.

Railway took steps
During the train journey, many passengers do not like the food served in the trains. They feel that the food available in the train is not completely vegetarian and hygienic. Passengers feel that cleanliness is not taken care of while preparing food in the train, veg and non-veg are cooked separately. There is a process from preparing food to serving. Now to eliminate the problems of such passengers, Indian Railways has started Satvik train.

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Certificate received after thorough investigation
Abhishek Biswas, Founder of Satvik Council of India, says that before giving the certificate of Satvik to Vande Bharat Train, many processes have been completed. In this, the method of cooking, kitchen, serving and serving utensils, maintenance were checked, the certificate is given only after going through all the process. However, after all the preparations, the Railways has awarded it with a certificate.

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