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Valentines Day 2023 This Asian Country To Distribute 95 Million Free…

Valentine’s Day 2023: Preparations are going on in full swing everywhere for Valentine’s Day 2023. In such a situation, the government there has made a special arrangement for the people living in Asian countries. Especially the Government of Thailand has given a special valentine gift to its people. Whose discussions are happening everywhere. Actually, the Government of Thailand has made a rule under which free condom facility will be given to the public there. The main reason behind making such rules on the occasion of Valentine’s Day is to save people from certain diseases. So that people’s fun is not spoiled. Of the approximately 70 million people in Thailand, approximately 50 million are “gold card” citizens. Citizens using this special card will be able to get their treatment done free of cost in any hospital in Thailand. Under this policy, people with gold cards will be given all the health facilities available under the government’s ‘Universal Healthcare’ scheme. Especially these golden card holders can take full advantage of these schemes.

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golden card

Starting February 1, universal healthcare cardholders can get 10 condoms a week for a year, according to Bloomberg spokeswoman Rachad Dhandirek, which will be readily available at pharmacies and hospitals across the country. Rachada said, “The campaign to provide free condoms to gold-card holders will help prevent diseases and promote public health.

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This decision has been taken to avoid these diseases.

This step has been decided in view of the increased STD cases in the country in the last few years. Syphilis and gonorrhea were responsible for more than half of these cases in 2021, according to the latest official data, which said the most affected age groups were 15 to 19 and 20 to 24 years.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2021, 24.4 out of every 1000 Thai girls aged 15-19 gave birth to children. About 50 million people out of about 70 million people in Thailand are the beneficiaries of “Gold Card”. Under the scheme of the government, you will be able to get free treatment through this card in any private hospital.

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