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US Vs China Defense Secretary Li Shangfu Warns America Over US China…

US-China Conflict: Tension often increases in America (US) and China (China), the countries with the two most powerful armies in the world. A week ago, China stopped talks with America when US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin invited his Chinese counterpart for a meeting. Chinese Defense Secretary Li Shangfu turned down the invitation to meet the US Defense Secretary. And, now Shangfu has given a big statement on the US-China conflict.

Chinese Defense Secretary Li Shangfu warned that if there was a conflict between the two countries, it would prove to be very disastrous for the world. Shangfu said that’s why we want to negotiate a confrontation with America. At the ‘Sangri La’ dialogue, Asia’s top security summit, Shangfu said- “The world is so big that China and America can develop together.” His statement indicates that China has refused to accept America as the only superpower in the world, as till now America has been seeing itself in this form.

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  • Shangfu said on a possible alliance like NATO – We absolutely do not accept that there should be such a military-alliance in our area of ​​influence. Apart from this, Shangfu also mentioned Taiwan. He said in his warning, “If anyone tries to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will not stop even for a second.”

America’s bullying will reduce, dragon’s height will increase
Defense experts say that due to the rise of China, the world is no longer bipolar, but is becoming a ‘multi-powercentre’. That is, now Russia is not only a global power in front of America, but China is now challenging America by taking Russia’s place. Russia has been hit by sanctions for waging war in Ukraine, and because of this, its influence is no longer what it used to be. Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China has prepared itself in such a way that it is now determined to match America in every respect. In some cases, China is still ahead of America. The latest statement of Shangfu of China also gives a feeling of this.

Who is Li Shangfu, when did he become Defense Secretary?
China’s Defense Secretary Li Shangfu is like the Defense Minister in India. In China, the Defense Minister is called the Defense Secretary. And, his dress is like that of a military general. Li Shangfu became the Defense Secretary of China in the month of March itself. And, the warning statement to America on June 4 is his first important international address.

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