Wednesday, September 27, 2023

US Plane Crash 4 People Dead In Virginia While Following Another Plane

Plane Crash In Virginia: A horrific plane crash happened on a Sunday in Virginia. All four people on board the plane died due to the accident. This has been confirmed by American officials. Actually, this mysterious plane was earlier flying in the Washington area, which was chased by American fighter jets. While running, the mysterious plane became uncontrolled and crashed in the US state of Virginia.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, which is investigating the incident, the name of the mysterious aircraft that was chased was a Cessna 560. It crashed near the George Washington National Forest in Virginia. The Virginia State Police told that we received a call at around 4 pm on Sunday. During this, the police got information about the accident. Rescuers reached the accident site on foot after about four hours. Where they found that all the people aboard the plane had died. According to US officials, the F-16s first followed the mysterious aircraft at high speed. After which the mysterious plane crashed near the George Washington National Forest in Virginia.

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After investigation came to know about the plane

The victim of the accident was registered to Encore Motors of Melbourne Inc, which is based in Florida. According to the New York Times report, John Rumpel, who runs the company, confirmed the identity of the dead. He told that his daughter, two-year-old granddaughter, her grandmother and the pilot were on board the crashed plane. He was returning to his home in East Hampton on Long Island after visiting his home in North Carolina.

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Biden was playing golf during the accident

When the accident happened, US President Joe Biden was playing golf at Joint Base Andrews. He was immediately informed about this incident. Although this incident had no effect on the President’s activities on Sunday. This has been confirmed by the spokesperson of the White House.

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