Thursday, September 28, 2023

US News: Woman ordered hot dog, got cocaine, police arrested restaurant’s cook…

United States Hot Dog: A strange incident has come to light at a restaurant in America, where an employee has been arrested after losing his bag of cocaine. According to police, the employee was arrested after the employee dropped a bag of cocaine into a customer’s hot-dog. 

Police said on Sunday that the accused employee works at the Sonic Drive-in restaurant in New Mexico. Who has been identified as 54-year-old Jeffrey David Salazar. Accused David faces a criminal charge of possession of cocaine. 

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Woman finds bag of cocaine in food

According to police, illegal drugs were found in a customer’s food at Sonic Drive-In. Which the accused employee had mistakenly put in the customer’s bag while packing the order. The substance was confirmed by the police after testing. In the investigation, the police found that while packing the food of the customer, the employee had accidentally put this cocaine in the packet. Police said in a statement that a call was received on Tuesday from a woman who said she found a plastic bag while eating her food at a restaurant. The woman told the police that some powder entered my mouth while eating.

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CCTV footage revealed 

According to the arrest warrant, in the CCTV footage, the accused employee was seen packing food of a woman, in which it was seen that the cook prepares the food of the customer, only then he is seen searching for something as if he has lost something. . The arrest warrant states that Cook admitted to police that he had bought a packet of cocaine from someone in the restaurant’s parking lot. Which accidentally went into the woman’s food. 

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