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US Mexico Relations Mexican President Andres Manuel Said Our Country Is…

US-Mexico Relations: America is the most powerful country in the world and the strictest security system is considered here. But the US State Department now pointed fingers at one of its own neighboring countries, then the President of that country responded with aplomb – our country is safer than America.

You must be surprised to read this, right? Now let us tell you that the President of which country has said such a thing for America. This is the statement of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is the President of Mexico. Obrador has said that his country is safer than America. At the same time, he rejected the advisory of the US State Department that Americans should not go to Mexico for the holidays.

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The US State Department said this in an advisory
Let us tell you that on March 10, the US State Department had said in an advisory that citizens (American citizens) should not travel in many states of Mexico suffering from drug violence. The advisory came in the wake of the high-profile kidnapping of 4 Americans in the Mexican state of Matamoros. In this incident, 2 Americans and a Mexican man were killed.

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‘Had there been a threat, so many Americans would not have come to live in our country’
The President of Mexico has rejected the advisory of America, saying that there is no problem in traveling safely in Mexico. According to López Obrador, Mexico is safer than America and in recent years American citizens have also come to live in Mexico. When asked whether violence has increased in some cities of Mexico? So the President of Mexico said, “No…if that were the case, so many Americans would not come to live in Mexico City and the rest of the country.”

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