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US Florida Man Slapped His Female Friend Over Pizza Argument Got Arrested

US Florida Pizza Arrest: A strange incident was seen in Florida city of America. A man attacked his girlfriend on the face with a piece of pizza. After this incident, on the basis of the complaint of the woman, the accused was arrested by the police.

According to Fox News, this incident took place in Florida on Friday last week. According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, a man named Ortelio Lazzaro Alfonso allegedly carried out the attack during an argument.

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The woman gave information to the police officer

Marion County Police officers were informed about the incident after a call to 911, according to the outlet. After this, the police of Marion County immediately reached the spot seeing the possibility of domestic violence. The police talked to the 39-year-old accused there. The accused told that he had a fight with the woman.

After this the woman told the police that Alfonso got angry during the argument. After this, Alfonso first attacked with a piece of pizza. Then slapped hard on the right cheek.

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attacked with pizza

The New York Post reported that pizza sauce was smeared on the collar and back of the victim’s shirt. Pieces of pizza were also found near his hair and ear. Police officers also found splashes of sauce on the walls and ceiling of the kitchen. At the same time, the accused said that he did not slap. Just attacked with pizza. Although Alfonso was also released after arrest.

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And recently a man was roaming naked on the beach of Florida without clothes. The police arrested him, on which he clarified that he belongs to a different world.

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