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US Drone Attacks Top Al-Qaeda Leader Hamad Bin Hamoud Al Tamimi Killed In…

US Drone Attack On Al-Qaeda Terrorists: Al-Qaeda, which is counted among the world’s most dreaded terrorist organizations, is active even after the death of Osama bin Laden and Al Zawahiri. The US has killed a prominent face of al-Qaeda in an airstrike in war-torn Yemen. The news agency AFP claimed this by quoting the security officer.

Security and local government sources in the West Asian country of Yemen said Hamad bin Hamoud al-Tamimi, a top leader of al-Qaeda’s branch in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), whom Washington has identified as part of the Global Jihadi Network. Considered one of the most dangerous branches, he has been killed in a drone strike. According to the security official, Hamad bin Hamood al-Tamimi was targeted in the northern province of Marib.

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Al-Tamimi was leading the branch of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
It is being told that al-Tamimi was living in a rented house in the northern province of Marib, from there the intelligence agencies got a clue about him, after which preparations were started to kill him. A Yemeni government official confirmed the airstrike on al-Tamimi, while not revealing his identity.

According to US intelligence agencies, Hamad bin Hamood al-Tamimi was a terrorist of Saudi origin, also known as Abdel Aziz al-Adnani. He led AQAP, the branch of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and used to present himself as the “judge” of the militant group. Describing Hamad bin Hamoud al-Tamimi, a Marib official said, “Abdel Aziz al-Adnani, considered chairman of al-Qaeda’s advisory council in the Arabian Peninsula, has been killed in Yemen, as were his bodyguards in airstrikes.” have been victimized.

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Many terrorist faces flourished in the midst of civil war
Experts believe that AQAP, and many militants affiliated with the Islamic State group, thrived in the chaos of Yemen’s civil war, pitting the Saudi-backed government against the Iran-allied Houthi rebels. AQAP has carried out sporadic attacks against both Houthi and government forces, as well as abroad. However, America has been harming AQAP from time to time with its attacks.

Terrorists are on the target of America for many years
Al-Qaeda leaders and terrorists have been targeted by US drones for more than two decades, although the number of such attacks has decreased in recent years. The latest drone strike comes a month after three AQAP militants were killed in a suspected US drone strike on a car in Marib province.

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Destruction in Yemen since 2015
It may be noted that Yemen is facing a civil war since 2015. The Saudi-led coalition intervened in this small Islamic country after the Houthis captured the capital Sanaa. The conflict has since claimed thousands of lives and triggered a major humanitarian crisis displacing millions.

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