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US Crime: ‘They were cannibals, wanted to eat me too’, 18-year-old boy…

US Shooting: A heart-wrenching incident has been witnessed in Texas, USA, where a boy has allegedly killed his parents, sister and 5-year-old brother. The 18-year-old accused boy has been arrested by the police on charges of murder. After the arrest, the boy has made shocking claims. The accused boy has told that his family members were cannibals and were planning to eat him. 

According to the report of NDTV, the incident is from Nash city of Texas. On Tuesday (May 23), the police received information that a man was harming his family and threatening to kill himself. Police reached the spot and found that many people were lying dead inside the house. The accused was present on the spot. According to the police, the boy allegedly shot dead his family members. 

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Police found bodies of four people 

When interrogated in custody, he confessed before the police after the alleged murder. The accused has been identified as Cesar Olade. Police found a total of 4 bodies in the house, including Oled’s parents, elder sister and a 5-year-old brother. According to the police, the accused had riddled the family members with bullets, there was blood all over the house. 

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The accused was calling the family members a cannibal 

According to the police, the names of the deceased are Ruben Oled (father) and Aida Garcia (mother), Lisbet Oled (the suspect’s elder sister) and Oliver Oled (younger brother). The police is trying to find out the real reason behind the murder. Whereas, according to the affidavit, Caesar said that he killed his family because they were cannibals and they were planning to eat him. 

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