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Unicef ​​India: These young players of India got the support of UNICEF, difficulties…

UNICEF India: Indian Youth Woman Players- The daughters of India are hoisting their flag in many fields. Many women are associated with the sports world while some are related to Indian politics and business sector. Considering these women as ideal, there are many such teenagers or young girls who start dreaming big about their career. However, girls have to struggle hard to fulfill those dreams. Their economic, family and social status is opposite. It is easy to dream but difficult to fulfill them. However, when facing these struggles, someone makes a mark in his career, then he also becomes an inspiration for every person. There are some such young women players, whose life is touching success by crossing the struggles. Let’s know about the life struggle of these young women players.

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Pinky Kumari of Bihar

Pinky Kumari of Bihar state has become badminton champion at the age of just 17 years. With the help of hard work, UNICEF and Kilkari, she is bringing laurels not only to her family, city but to entire Bihar. He participated in national level sports competition and also won many medals.

badminton player chandni khatoon

Chandni Khatoon from Bihar faced many difficulties to fulfill her dream. Chandni is just 18 years old badminton player. She plays badminton matches for Kilkari. Initially, Chandni’s mother did not want Chandni to go out and play, but with the help of Kilkari and UNICEF, Chandni won many medals and made her proud.



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