Friday, January 27, 2023

Ukraine Russia War America Announced To Give Weapons Tanks To Ukraine

Ukraine Russia War: Russia has been attacking Ukraine day and night for 11 months. Ukraine is also giving a befitting reply to Russian attacks. The war between Ukraine and Russia has now come to a very dangerous turn. No one is ready to lay down arms in both the countries. Ukraine is facing huge losses in this war. Ukraine’s army is struggling with a shortage of ammunition and weapons. Although Ukraine is getting support from America and other countries.

Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky had expressed his disappointment towards Western countries and NATO for not supplying weapons and said that the war is fought with weapons, not with courage. Putin had given a big warning to NATO, America and western countries regarding this. If arms are given to Ukraine, then it will have to face terrible consequences, which would not even have been imagined.

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Ukraine needs advanced weapons to fight the war

Ukraine needed advanced weapons to fight Russia. Zelensky had appealed to the western countries regarding this. After which America has announced to give a large amount of weapons to Ukraine. The US defense package also includes armored vehicles, rocket systems, howitzers, missiles and other defense equipment for Ukraine. Ukraine will use these weapons against America’s old enemy Russia. Bradley Fighting Vehicle is a fighting vehicle from America. A 25 mm gun is mounted on the top of this vehicle. It is run by a crew of three people. Seven soldiers can go to the heavy firing area by sitting in it. America will send 109 such vehicles to Ukraine.

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America announced to send these weapons to Ukraine

HIMARS has already become the lifeblood of the Ukrainian army in this war. This one American weapon has given deep wounds to the Russian army. The Russian army is already scared of this rocket system. 38 such rocket systems will be sent to Ukraine. Along with this, M109A6 Paladin Self Propelled Howitzer which can fire four rounds in 3 minutes will also be given. America has announced to send 90 Stryker Armored Personal Carrier vehicles and 300 vehicles of M113 Armored Personal Carrier to Ukraine.

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