Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Ukraine Dam Collapse Animals Dying In Agony In The Flood People Are Pleading…

Russia Ukraine War: In the midst of the war with Russia, Ukraine’s largest dam Kakhovka has been destroyed, in such a situation, the lives of pets and cattle along with the local people have also come under threat. On Thursday, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky himself visited the flood affected areas. He tweeted this information from his official Twitter handle.

According to the Reuters report, the water of the dam has reached the battlefield. Even after the flood, the nearby villages are being evacuated. Security personnel are engaged for the relief and rescue of local citizens, which Zelensky also praised on Thursday. Not only the local people have been affected by the floods after the dam break, but animals have also been in trouble.

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animals dying in water

Rescuers are scrambling to save thousands of animals trapped in the water, but hundreds of animals have already died. On Thursday, Zelensky also said that he left in a hurry seeing the rising water level, but he could not take his animals. In such a situation, thousands of dogs, cats and other pets are trapped in the water. For whom the rescue operation is going on. Significantly, on Tuesday, the Kakhovka dam broke, due to which the water reached the nearby villages as well as the Kherson region. After which Kharson area has also been put on alert. According to the Russian news agency, there is a danger of flood in 80 villages.

the roads are submerged

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The roads in the area have been submerged after the sudden rise of water. After which the rescue operation of humans as well as animals is going on here through a small boat. Expert teams have been set up to rescue as many animals as possible. For this, Irina Bukhonska, head of the municipal animal pound in the neighboring city of Mykolaiv, is engaged in rescue work.

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Bukhonska told that many pets had already died before reaching us. He told that we were rescuing some animals when we saw a dog drowning in front of our eyes. He told that many pets died of agony due to being tied in chains. He told that in a group chat on the Telegram messaging app, hundreds of pet owners pleaded to save their animals.

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