5 Types of Videos That Get Most Views On YouTube

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There is no doubt that YouTube is the most popular social video platform, where anyone can upload their own videos for free. Almost half of the world’s populations are engaged with YouTube daily, and day by day the numbers are increasing drastically.

The Most interesting fact that you may also know that is now YouTube Also provides the opportunity to earn some revenues from the videos that You Upload on YouTube.

To generate revenue you have to monetize your YouTube Videos with YouTube Ad sense program.

So, the fact is that the more you get the views on your videos the more you generate the revenues, well now the question is what type of videos get the most views on YouTube?

If you want to get the most views on YouTube, you need to identify what works what doesn’t work. And what viewers are responding to when watching YouTube Videos.

After Analyzing and studying the YouTube for few months I came to the conclusion and listed here the 5 Types of Videos That Get Most Views on YouTube.

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5 Types of Videos That Get Most Views on YouTube

When you are working hard shooting and editing videos for your YouTube business, it can be very difficult to accept the fact that the all from the most viewed videos are the ones that the creators didn’t put in much effort at all.

So The Number One is Funny Animal Videos,


Specifically cats. So what’s special in this is the production quality of your videos doesn’t matter at all. You can literally film them with your Smartphone; some of this is hilarious and are adorable. Find yourself a crazy cat with brazier tendencies.

And you could have a viral hit. But it’s important to stipulate there’s a big difference between cute and funny and videos that jeopardize the animal safety just for views.

Some of these cat videos are in seriously bad taste. Videos in which an animal is placed in any danger by its owner should be flagged on YouTube.

Number Two is Prank Videos,


The Second highest viewed videos are prank videos, pranks have evolved literally faster than any other categories, for a while prank videos dominated YouTube.

Most of the times the pranks were made on controversial stunts, and silly practical jokes, as the times goes by the new methods of pranks are discovered by prank masters which is very interesting to enjoy our good free time.

The third Number is UFO, Alien and Science Videos


Alien and scientific videos are really astonishing and have the third highest most viewed videos on YouTube. Facts about the alien visiting earth, UFO, and many other science fiction videos are also a great way to grabs the audience attention. People loved to watch videos about extraterrestrial stuff if it makes sense, and thus gets the views.

Numer Four is Product Reviews


Online Shopping is a majestic way to window shopping today, using smartphone or laptop shopping can be done with just a few clicks without needing to leave your room. Almost every one of us has done online shopping at least once in the lifetime. So, YouTube video creator provides product reviews which get consumed by millions of online shoppers, besides it is also a great way to earn some extra pocket money from the affiliate links that have been shared by YouTubers on the description of video,

Fifth Number is Q&A Videos


Q&A videos are among the most popular and engaging types of video on YouTube. They’re considered audience-centric because your viewers have the power to ask you their most burning questions.

Q&A videos are pretty straightforward: your viewers send in questions and you try to answer as much as you can in your video – simple as that.

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