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Types of kidney stones Symptoms causes treatment know from the…

According to some research, kidney stone or kidney stone disease is found in about 12% of the people in India. In 50% of these 12% people, kidney stones can also cause great damage like kidney failure etc. According to health experts, 80% of the stones are made of calcium, and some are calcium oxalate and some calcium phosphate. The rest of the stones are uric acid stones, infection stones and cystine stones. Let us know the types, symptoms and methods of prevention of kidney stones-

Symptoms of kidney stones

According to Dr. Prashant Dhirendra, a kidney specialist at Dharma Kidney Care, Bangalore, the symptoms of kidney stones depend on their size and shape. Sometimes some stones in the kidney are very small and pass out through urine without any symptoms and complaints. As the size of the stone increases, its symptoms start appearing.

For example, kidney stones can cause very dangerous pain for the patient. Let us tell you that this pain is due to the stone getting stuck in the ureter (the tube leading from the kidney to the bladder). Apart from this, along with this pain, the person may also have fever.

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Many times a person feels nauseous and feels like vomiting due to the problem of stones. When the infection of germs increases in the body, the infection of urine or urine increases greatly. Along with this, urinary infections also increase due to stones. Apart from this, symptoms like pain or burning in urination, less urination while urinating, frequent urination, cloudy or foul-smelling urine are also seen.

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types of kidney stones

According to Dr Prashant Dhirendra, a kidney specialist at Dharma Kidney Care, Bangalore, there are many types of kidney stones, in which calcium oxalate is the most common kidney stone. This stone is seen in most of the people. It binds to calcium present in the blood and forms stones.

This happens when we eat a lot of food rich in oxalate or calcium. If you have this type of stone, then you have to reduce the oxalate-filled food. Uric acid stones start to form when the level of uric acid in your body exceeds the normal level.

Struvite, this type of stone is not very common. The main reason for this happening is infection of your kidney system. The reason behind the occurrence of cysteine ​​​​stones is that the level of an amino acid called cysteine ​​in the body increases from normal, which then accumulates to form stones.

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due to kidney stones

  • lack of water in the body
  • not drinking water regularly
  • excessive sweating in summer
  • Having hyperparathyroidism disease
  • Renal tubular acidosis
  • disease caused by cystinuria
  • Chronic diarrhea if you have had diarrhea for a long time
  • Gastric surgeries
  • Taking vitamin C medicine
  • Taking calcium supplements medicine
  • Taking laxatives, etc.

Know from Acharya Shri Balakrishna how to prevent kidney stones

  • Avoid foods rich in calcium like peanuts, spinach, beetroot, rosewood seeds, chocolate, sweet potatoes. Along with this, do not take excessive amount of protein.
  • Avoid high sodium intake and avoid junk food, canned food and excessive consumption of salt.
  • Oxalate is found in sufficient quantity in spinach, whole grains etc., so do not consume it.
  • Tomato seeds, brinjal seeds, raw rice, urad and gram are more likely to cause stone problems. Drink more and more water and do not consume cold drinks, the phosphoric acid present in it further increases the risk of stones.
  • Do not allow uric acid to increase in the body, so do not consume non-vegetarian food at all.

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