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Two Kidney Stones In Urinary Bladder Of Hyderabad Three Year Old Kid Doctors…

A shocking case has come to light from Hyderabad. Doctors at a hospital here removed a 1.6 cm stone from the urinary bladder of a 3-year-old child. Stone in the child was detected when the child experienced great difficulty in passing urine. The child used to cry again and again due to unbearable pain. Not only this, he had continuous fever for more than a month. Although initially a children’s specialist treated the child only with medicine. After this treatment, the child got relief for a while, but this relief did not last long. After a few days, the child started complaining of pain again.

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He was referred to HITEC City branch of Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU). Here two stones were detected in the child. The first stone was in the urinary bladder. While the second stone was in the left ureter (a tube that connects the kidney and the bladder). The size of both the stones was around 1.6 cm. The surprising thing here is that it was quite challenging for a three-year-old child to bear the pain of 1.6 cm stones. Even bigger challenge was how to get these two stones out without any trouble.

surgery was not easy

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AINU’s Senior Consultant Urologist and Facility Director Dr. Deepak Raghuri said that such stones are usually taken out of the urethra of adults. Although it is not normal to find this stone in a three year old child. Because the caliber of their urethra is very narrow and even if we try, there is a danger of damaging the urethra. Therefore, due to this, the urethra can become hard for life. Also, another option is to make a hole in the bladder just below the navel and then take out the stone, which is one of the most dangerous techniques.

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both the stones were removed like this

The stones were completely converted into dust particles first. After this it was soaked with a suction machine. This challenging surgery was completed in less than 45 minutes without any difficulty and the child was discharged the very next day. Now he has no problem of any kind.

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