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Twitter To Hike Blue Subscription Price Tweet Will Be Costlier Than…

Twitter Blue Subscription Cost : If you are on the social media platform Twitter, and use it often, as well as you are Apple iPhone users, then you must read this news. Twitter company is going to change the price of its Blue Subscription. After which those who use Twitter on Apple iPhones may get a big shock. How much do you have to pay for its use? Also, how can you use Twitter cheaply. We are going to give you complete information.

twitter blue subscription

According to a report, the company is planning to change the price of its Twitter Blue Subscription. For iPhone users, the price of Twitter Blue can be much higher than the original price. If you use its web version, then you will have to pay less charge. The reason behind this is being attributed to the meeting between Twitter CEO Elon Musk and Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple users may have to pay more for Blue subscription. Twitter has taken this step after the controversy over the 30 percent software developers charge by Apple. How has been the meeting between Musk and Tim Cook? Nothing can be said about it officially. But it is being said that there has been a dialogue between the two in the matter of commission sharing.

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will have to pay this much

According to media reports, Apple iPhone users may have to pay $ 11 (about Rs 905) every month for Twitter Blue subscription. Right now a charge of $ 7.99 (about Rs 657) has been fixed for Blue Tick service. If you are an Apple iPhone user and want Twitter Blue service, then you may have to spend $ 11 i.e. about Rs 248 more.

what is the reason

It has been told in this report that Elon Musk had said in the past that he was ready to go to war with Apple instead of paying the commission. Later, after meeting Tim Cook at the Apple headquarters, Musk said that now the dispute has been resolved. With the relaunch of Twitter Blue, Twitter may implement the new price for Apple users.

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Charge will be less on laptop

Even though Apple users have to pay a higher price for taking Blue Tick subscription, on the other hand, if you take Blue Tick subscription through the website, then you will be charged $ 7 (about Rs 576) instead of $ 7.99 (about Rs 657). Maybe. This means that the charge for blue tick on the web version through laptop will have to be paid less.

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