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Twitter On Suspended Accounts Twitter Offer A General Amnesty To…

Twitter on Suspended Accounts: Ever since the takeover of Elon Musk’s Twitter, many types of news are continuously coming about this microblogging website. Many major changes have been made in Twitter in the last few days. Recently, Elon Musk has restored the Twitter handle of former US President Donald Trump under ‘General Apology’.

Ever since the restoration of Trump’s account, it was speculated that now Twitter can restart the rest of the suspended accounts soon. Recently, on this matter, Musk had sought public opinion on whether Twitter’s suspended account should be restarted or not. In such a situation, people had given their opinion about this suspended account. Most people believe that Twitter Suspended Accounts should be restarted.

Know how many people gave support to start suspended accounts
Let us tell you that Twitter owner Elon Musk had recently conducted a poll from his Twitter account. In this poll people’s opinion was sought whether suspended accounts in Twitter should be restarted under general amnesty or not? It talks about pardoning accounts that haven’t broken the rules and don’t engage in serious spam? More than 31 lakh responses have come on this question of Musk. In this, 72.4 percent people gave their opinion in favor of restarting the accounts. At the same time, 27.6 percent people had expressed their disagreement on this question.

Trump’s account restored after 22 months
Let us tell you that recently Twitter had removed the ban on the account of former American President Donald Trump. This ban was in place for the last 22 months, which has been removed by Elon Musk. On this matter too, Elon Musk had asked a question to the public whether Donald Trump’s Twitter account should be restarted or not. After this, about 51 percent people expressed their consent to remove the ban on Trump’s account.

After this, Musk restored Trump’s account again. Let us tell you that after the US presidential elections held in the year 2020, Trump was accused of rioting outside the White House on Capitol Hill on January 6 through Twitter. After this, taking action on this matter, Twitter suspended Trump’s account.

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