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Turkey Presidential Election Five Reason Why Turkey People Against Recep…

Turkey Presidential Election: The second phase of voting for the presidential election in Turkiye (Turkey) is to be held on May 28. Votes were cast here on May 14 as well, but then no candidate got more than 50% votes, in such a situation the runoff round came here. Now there is a tough fight between the current President Recep Tayyip Ardoan and his main rival Kemal Kelikdaroglu.

In fact, according to a poll released before the second phase of voting, 51% of the people of Turkey want Recep Tayyip Ardoan to become the President of the country once again. And 49% people want that Kemal Kelikdaroglu should get a chance. However, other than this poll, Kemal Kelikdaroglu is continuously claiming his own victory. He is confident that the public is with him. This is because there is a lot of displeasure among the public with the current President.

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Recep Tayyip Ardoan also accepts this fact that this time the path is not easy. This is the reason why even after being in power for twenty years, he is feeling the pressure for the first time. This is also because after the last earthquake, the then government had lost the next election. Then Recep Tayyip Ardoan’s party won.

Why is the public angry with Ardoan?

During the devastating earthquake in February, the public did not get much relief from the government. Ardoan himself admitted that the relief work was slow. However, he did not accept the fault of the government in this. Please tell that 50,000 people died due to the earthquake in Turkey, more than 3 million people became homeless. Billions of dollars were lost. During this, the people of the country raised questions on the construction of buildings done by the government.

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People worried about inflation

Turkey is not able to recover after the earthquake in the country, the public is suffering from inflation. People are also yearning for basic needs. In such a situation, the public is raising questions on the government. Ardoan may have to bear the brunt of this too. According to a report, Turkey’s inflation rate has reached 55 percent.

resentment of youth

Most of the youth of Turkey are also not happy with Ardoan. This is because the means of employment in the country have continuously decreased. In such a situation, the displeasure of the youth can be heavy on Ardoan.

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currency weakening

Turkey’s national currency Lira has registered a continuous decline. The opposition alleges that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Ardoan did not take this issue seriously, which is why the lira continued to weaken.

turkey growth rate

Due to the earthquake, where on one hand the country’s economy got destroyed. More than two-thirds are struggling to pay for food and rent. More than half of the workers earn less than $300 per month. In such a situation, there is a lot of anger among the people against the government.

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