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Turkey Bursa City Alien UFO Find Lenticular Cloud In Sky Watch Video

Turkish UFO Cloud: The residents of Turkey’s Bursa city were shocked on Thursday (January 19) evening. He saw very strange clouds forming in the sky in the evening. Its videos have also been very viral on social media. Social media users are telling it like Alien’s UFO. Its video has been recorded from a moving vehicle. It can be clearly seen in the video that a big round shaped cloud is visible in the sky.

This is being seen at the time of sunset. Apart from the round shaped cloud, no other cloud was visible. According to a report in a foreign media newspaper, this type of cloud is called a lenticular cloud. The surprising thing is that there is also a hole in the middle of this cloud. A Twitter user wrote about the cloud that a unique cloud has been seen in Turkey early in the morning. Is there a UFO inside and aliens are watching us?’

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1 million views

The round shaped cloud video has been watched by 1 million people so far. Although it was shared on Twitter only on Friday (January 20). A user wrote on the caption of the video that amazing clouds have been seen in the sky of Turkey’s Bursa city. On this, thousands of Twitter users compared Badal to UFO. One user wrote that I am eagerly waiting to see the UFO.

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also known as lenticular cloud

However, on the formation of such a cloud, Turkey’s State Weather Science Services told that it is a rare phenomenon, which is known as Lenticular Cloud. Lenticular clouds are known for their UFO-like shape. They are made at an altitude of 2000 to 5000 meters from the ground. According to a Fox report, such clouds are formed only when the air in the sky is calm and humid. Such clouds are often seen only in winter.

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