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Troubled by acne skincare routine should be like this in summer eat this for…

In today’s time it has become very difficult to get clean air and water in the cities. People have to face all kinds of problems due to pollution. In every season, winter-summer, skincare is needed in common life. In such a situation, due to negligence towards it, many types of skin problems start. Many diseases related to the skin also start growing. Acne is a common major problem in such diseases.

Experts say that if you have acne-prone skin, oily skin, active acne, blackheads, whiteheads, or you feel sticky, you should use a cleanser two to three times a day. Not more than three at all. Dead cells should be removed from the surface of the skin, but also should not exceed a limit. Because in excess, the protective layer is removed from the face, and infections, allergies, rashes and acne begin to occur.

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Along with this, thermal water mist can also be used. Spraying it on your face does not cause sweating. It prevents the accumulation of sweat particles, oil and grime on the top layer of the skin.

In summer, some simple measures must be taken to keep the skin better and to prevent any kind of infection in it. Honey is commonly used in all households. Honey is very beneficial in skin care. Honey is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Apply one or two drops of honey on the acne and leave it overnight and wash the face with water in the morning.

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Apart from this, there is definitely snow in the houses. Ice is especially useful in removing acne. It makes acne smaller. Wrap a piece of ice in a clean cloth and apply it on the acne by swirling it around. This will eliminate the pain and swelling of acne.

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Nowadays, the trend of drinking green tea in homes has increased. Green tea is very beneficial and soothing to the skin as compared to normal tea. Put a green tea bag in water and heat it and leave it to cool. When it cools down, apply it on the acne. It eliminates acne overnight. Green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent the inflammation of acne.

Along with this, aloe vera should be applied after washing the face with clean water to protect it from dust particles. It brings softness to the skin. Also prevents acne.

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