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Heritage Villages: Not only the city, also visit these heritage villages,…

Heritage Villages of India: Who doesn’t like to travel? But, whenever it comes to travel, usually people either aspire to travel abroad or want to go to big cities. There are very few people who aspire to visit the village, whereas real India is seen here. However, there are many such places away from the cities in India or say there are many such villages, which are very different from the common villages. Today we are going to tell you about some such villages, where after visiting you will forget to move towards big cities.

Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh
Do you know that Pragpur is the first heritage village of India? Yes, the heritage village was established in the late 16th century by Princess Prag of the Jaswan royal family of Kangra district and the village was named Pragraj after her. People from all over the world reach here to see beautiful shops, stone streets and fort-like houses and villas. The people here have retained the architecture of the village even today.

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Garli, Himachal Pradesh
Garli is located not far from Pragpur. The specialty of this village is its fusion architecture. The beautiful havelis in Garli were once the homes of wealthy merchants. European influence is also visible in the architecture here. The Chateau here is one of the famous heritage hotels.

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Kisama, Nagaland
Have you heard about Kisama village of Nagaland? This is also one of the most famous heritage villages of the country. This village is famous for its Hornbill Festival. It is situated just 12 km away from the capital city of Kohima. From totem poles to morangs, you will get to see everything here.

Khasi, Meghalaya
Khasi Heritage Village, located in Mawphlang, is visited not only by people from the country but also from abroad. It is situated right opposite to the Mawphlang Sacred Forest and just 25 km from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. Explain that this village was built with the intention of showcasing the traditional lifestyle of the Khasi people, one of the major tribes of Meghalaya.

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Riek, Mizoram
Riek Tlang or Riek Heritage Village is located in the Mamit district of Mizoram. Reek village situated in the lap of beautiful valleys and nature is very beautiful. Here you can experience the traditional Mizo huts and the local life.

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