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Keep these food items with you while traveling, the trip will take health and test…


Frying dry chivda is a good option for traveling.
Eating laddoos made of flour or rava in the trip is also beneficial for health.

Best food options for traveling: Some people are very serious about their diet. Especially, most health conscious people refrain from eating outside things while traveling. At the same time, many people cook and take food from home for the journey, but the home food often gets spoiled during the journey. In such a situation, it can be best to keep some homemade food items for traveling. With these food items, you can not only satisfy your hunger while traveling, but can also save them from getting spoiled for a long time.

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Actually, while going on a trip, people often pack food from home and take it, but the food at home lasts only for a short time in the journey. On the other hand, after the food gets spoiled, you have to eat things from outside even if you don’t want to, so we are telling you some diet tips for the journey, by following which you can easily run the food at home for many days.

Fry Chivda

Frying dry chivda is a good option for traveling. At the same time, you can make it healthy by adding peanuts and some dry fruits to this chivda. Along with this, by mixing salty in the chivda, you can also add tadka of taste to it. Apart from this, you can get relief from light hunger by keeping some packets of salt, mathri, roasted gram and biscuits.

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Pack dry vegetables in tiffin

Some people keep vegetables with spicy gravy or curry for the journey. By consuming which you may have stomach problems while traveling. Along with this, wet vegetables also spoil quickly. In such a situation, it is better to keep dry things like bitter gourd, potato, okra and lentil kebabs for traveling.

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avoid having bread

People often pack bread to avoid oily food while traveling. But bread does not remain fresh for long. That’s why it is best to keep paratha or poori while traveling. Also, by using milk instead of water while kneading the dough, you can save the paratha from spoiling for a long time. On the other hand, you can make it healthy and tasty by stuffing urad or gram dal in the paratha.

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don’t forget to sweet

You can also include sweets in your diet as a snack while traveling. For this, apart from sweets made of dry fruits, keeping sesame laddoos, gajak and chikki can be a better option. Along with this, it is also very healthy to eat laddoos made of flour or rava while traveling.

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