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Explore these wonderful places during your trip to Vrindavan, visit grand temples,…


Lord Krishna is present in the form of Shaligram along with Radha Rani in the Radha Raman temple of Vrindavan.
Nidhivan located in Vrindavan is considered one of the mysterious places in the world.

Famous places of Vrindavan: Mathura, the famous pilgrimage destination of Uttar Pradesh, is counted among the famous tourist spots of the country. At the same time, tourists coming to Mathura do not forget to visit Vrindavan and Barsana. In such a situation, the Banke Bihari temple of Vrindavan is considered to be the main center of attraction for the devotees. However, if you are planning to go to Vrindavan, then visiting not only Banke Bihari temple but also some other places can prove to be memorable for you.

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There are many beautiful places in Vrindavan, the city of Radha-Krishna. Most of the people who come to Vrindavan return only after visiting the Banke Bihari temple, while after paying obeisance at the Banke Bihari temple, you can turn your trip into a memorable experience by exploring some wonderful places. So let’s know about some famous places to visit in Vrindavan.

Banke Bihari Temple
Banke Bihari Temple is counted among the famous temples of Mathura. Radhavallabh ji, Shri Govind Dev ji and Lord Krishna himself are present in child form in Banke Bihari temple, one of the seven temples of Thakur ji. At the same time, due to the ban on playing bells or musical instruments in the temple, you can worship here with great peace.

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Visit Prem Mandir
Apart from Radha-Krishna, the famous Prem Mandir of Mathura is also dedicated to Ram and Sita. This beautiful temple was built in 2001 by Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj. At the same time, a huge crowd of devotees is seen in the grand aarti of Prem Mandir.

Visit Radha Raman Temple
The Radha Raman Temple, located at a distance of about 2 km from Vrindavan station, is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Radha Raman means the one who pleases Radha. Please tell that Lord Krishna is present in this temple along with Radha Rani in the form of Shaligram. Along with this, the tomb of Gopal Bhatt is also present in the temple premises.

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Visit Nidhivan
Nidhivan, one of the famous groves of Vrindavan, is counted among the mysterious forests of the world. It is believed that every night in Nidhivan, Lord Krishna plays Rasleela with the gopis. At the same time, apart from humans, animals and birds are not able to enter Nidhivan after the sun sets.

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iskcon temple tour
By the way, ISKCON temples of Lord Krishna are present in many big cities of the world. But the beauty of the grand ISKCON temple located in Vrindavan, the birthplace of Krishna, makes it the main center of attraction. On the other hand, the recitation of Aarti and Geeta that takes place in the temple every day is no less than a feeling of peace for the devotees.

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