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Lonavala is decorated with beautiful views in monsoon, you will be surprised to see the beauty


Lonavala is located close to Mumbai and you can reach here easily.
This is a hill station, where you will get to see spectacular views of nature.

Tour To Lonavala: If you want to see an attractive view of nature with monsoon rains, then you should plan to visit Lonavala, located 80 km from Mumbai. This hill town becomes very lovely during the rainy season. If you are from outside Mumbai then you can plan to come here. Many people think that which places can be visited here. If all these questions are also in your mind then we have brought for you Monsoon Tour Plan of Lonavala. Half of your trip will be planned as soon as you read this and you will get enthusiasm, which will calm down only when you reach Lonavala. Know the Lonavala tourist plan.

Major attractions of Lonavala
Photography can be done by visiting Bushi Dam and this place is great for nature lover, because the views here are really mind-blowing. If you want to go to an area surrounded by forests, then it is absolutely necessary to go to Pavana Dam and Lake. By going here, you can also do activities like parasailing, jet ski and boating.

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Amazing view of sunset
If you are an adventure lover and you love to trek etc. then you should go to Tiger Lip. It is a rock and you can go trekking here. If you want to enjoy the sun set view then you must definitely go to Line Point. Camel ride can be enjoyed around here. If you are fond of food and want to try new places, then you can go to places like Golden Vada Pav, Rudra El Taj, The Kinara Village Dhaba.

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