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If you are not able to do wandering in a distant country, then there will be no regrets, it happens from abroad…

Travel Guide: All those dreams of traveling were left in the dust, which have been decorated in the eyes for the last two years. Every time we hear the news of a new covid variant, the mood gets spoiled only because of the fear of going out unnecessarily. However, the heart is fed up with the fact that if this continues, then the age will pass and the responsibilities will increase. But the whirlwind’s fit will remain buried in some corner of the heart.

Foreign trips have become so expensive that the budget does not allow for such a trip. Thinking of all these things, if you are also sad, then convert your sadness into enthusiasm. Today we are telling you about such places in India, where you can feel like abroad while roaming.

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Chitrakot Waterfalls – It is known as Chitrakoot or Chitrakot Waterfall. It is the widest waterfall in India. Seeing the velocity of this waterfall located in Chhattisgarh, your heart will be filled with excitement. It is compared to Niagara Falls which is a waterfall located on the border of Canada and America.

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Alappuda – It is also known as Alleppey. Located in the state of Kerala, this place is reminiscent of the city of Venice. If you cannot afford to go to the Italian city of Venice, then you can reach the southern part of the country.

Coorg – It is also known as Kodagu. Apart from this, this place is called the Scotland of India. Apart from heavy rains, Coorg is the largest producer of coffee. One can also think of visiting this hill station.

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Andaman and Nicobar – If we say that you can get sea views like Thailand in India itself, then your mind will probably be very happy. You need to visit Andaman and Nicobar for this unique pleasure. The adventure activities happening here will double your excitement of travel.

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