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Darjeeling becomes a paradise in the rain, make a plan to visit, here is the tourist…

Travel To Darjeeling in Monsoon: Whenever we talk about roaming in summer, I want to go first in the mountains of Himachal and Uttarakhand, but according to the crowd seen at these hill stations this year, it would be better to go to some other place. . The beauty of the mountains increases even more during the rainy season. You can try to go to Darjeeling in this season. The mountains of Darjeeling can provide a very beautiful experience in the rainy season. Coming here, you will feel as if you have come to heaven. There is not much crowd in Darjeeling during this season. Be it a couple, friends or visiting with family, Darjeeling has beauty to captivate every age group, so pack your bags and keep the following things in mind before visiting.

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Important things to know about Darjeeling
At this time, the crowd of other tourists is very less here. Even while booking the toy train, there is not going to be much crowd. Very good deals can be found in hotels, transport and shopping this season.

what to do in monsoon
The mind-blowing journey of the toy train can be enjoyed. At this time the train also passes through many museums and these museums can also be visited.
-Have breakfast at The Glenery and Keventr and experience the best of the city’s bakeries and breakfasts. Come here after eating the sandwich, red velvet cake.
Must travel in the ropeway of Darjeeling. Very nice views of the mountains can be enjoyed from here.

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Be sure to have a glimpse of the Observatory Hill, adjacent to Darjeeling. Enjoy the snow-capped mountains while eating some favorite snacks.
Must try the famous tea of ​​Darjeeling.
Along with this, do not forget to visit places like Darjeeling Zoo, Japanese Temple and Peach Pagoda. Here many Himachali animals can be seen in the zoo, which will make this trip even better.
If you are ever very lazy or feel less like to go out, then in the afternoon you can go for a walk in Darjeeling Mall and shopping or eating can be done here.

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