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If you want to watch movies on mobile in flight then do these simple tricks…


Download some good movies or webseries on your mobile.
Hang your mobile with the help of a paper bag on the seat.

Simple way to easily watch mobile in flight: These days people prefer to travel in flights to save time. It saves time as well as makes the journey comfortable. If you feel tired or bored while traveling in an airplane ie flight, then with the help of a trick, you can make your journey fun. Actually, these days people like to watch movies or webseries on Amazon and other websites, but neither have the facility to watch them in flight nor can you watch mobile for hours in your hand. In such a situation, a video that is going viral on social media these days can help you a lot.

how to use mobile
Before you travel, download some good movies or webseries on your mobile. By doing this you will be able to watch these movies in offline mode also in flight.

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hang mobile like this
You open the cover of your mobile and take out the paper bag or any kind of sheet present in the back pocket of the front seat. Now place the sheet in the mobile cover and then put the mobile in it. By doing this your mobile will hang and will not fall. Now open the clip of the folding table in front and lock the clip while keeping the paper bag in it. As soon as the paper bag is locked in the clip, your phone will hang right in front of you. You can adjust its height as per your convenience.

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no need to bow down
With the help of this simple and handy trick to hang mobile, you can easily enjoy movies for hours by sitting straight on your seat. Not only this, with the help of this trick, you will also be saved from keeping the mobile in hand for hours and can complete the journey while relaxing.

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