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Make a Chadar Trek to go to a snowy travel destination with friends…


This place is very cold, so take special care of yourself here.
The months of January and February are the best for the trek.
Chadar Trek is one of the best adventure-filled destination.

Best Things to do in Chadar Trek : Snowy travel destinations have always been considered the most favorite places for trekking, where trekking with friends is a different pleasure. There are many such trekking locations in India, where in the winter season, crowds of trekkers from all over the country and abroad come to enjoy the trekking. There is one such trekking location in the eastern region of Jammu and Kashmir in India, which is located in the Zanskar hill. Two streams of the Zanskar river flow here, which are covered with snow during the winter season. If you are going to roam in this area, then it can also be called by the name of Chadar Trek. Chadar Trek is one of the best places for trekking in India, where lakhs of experienced trekkers come in search of adventure. You can also make plans with your friends for this adventurous trekking, but before that it is important to know about Chadar Trekking, so let’s know.

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Winter time for trekking: During winter, this route and the Zanskar river of this location also get covered with snow, that is, a layer of ice is formed over the river, that is why it is called Chadar Trek and these layers of snow make this trekking more spectacular. Huh.

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Do river rafting in summer: During the summer, the Zanskar river flows with its full flow, so people enjoy river rafting in the Zanskar river in this season, which is why trekkers come here to enjoy the Chadar trek even in summer.

Most popular way: The Zanskar river crosses the Zanskar flowing from Leh and this route is also used by the people during the winter season, as this river gets frozen with snow during the winter season.

Right time to come : The months of January and February are the best time to visit Chadar Trek, because due to snow in this season, the river starts looking like glass and the snow also becomes very strong.

How to reach Chadar Trek: If you are willing to go by train then you can reach Jammu Tawi railway station and reach Zanskar by auto and if you can come to Leh by air then Chadar trek is 105 kms from Leh airport.

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