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The confluence of nature and history is seen in these places of the country,…


It can be best for you to plan a trip to Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, during winters.
You can visit Rajasthan in winter to enjoy the Gangaur Festival and Pushkar Fair.

Travel Tips: People who are fond of traveling often like to visit their favorite places. Everyone has a different taste for travel. In such a situation, some people like to go on an adventure trip. So there many people like to live near nature. In such a situation, if you are also interested in nature as well as history, then it can be best for you to visit some places of the country. In winter, people are fond of seeing the snowfall of the mountains. Some people prefer to feel the nature by staying in peace away from the noise. In such a situation, seeing historical places along with nature can add charm to your journey. So let’s know about some beautiful places with perfect combination of nature and history.

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Plan a trip to Meghalaya
The name of Meghalaya’s capital Shillong is also included in the beautiful destinations of North East India. Shillong is also known as the Scotland of India because of the beautiful lake and hills. And visiting the museums and cafes of Shillong can be a great experience for you.

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Explore Kolkata
It can also be best for you to visit Kolkata during winters between November to February. Here you can explore Victoria Memorial, Science City, Kalighat, Indian Museum, Eden Garden and Belur Math.

visit sikkim
For nature lovers who like adventure, a trip to Sikkim can also be memorable. Snow-capped Himalayan mountains and cool breeze can bring you closer to nature in Sikkim. Also, you can make this trip the best by trying adventures like rafting, yoke riding, cable car riding, capping and mountain biking.

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go on a trip to goa
In summer, the beaches of Goa are full of tourists. But for a relaxing and exciting experience, planning a trip to Goa in winter is a good option. During this time in Goa, apart from having fun on the beach, you can also enjoy shopping and nightlife perfectly.

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travel to rajasthan
A visit to Rajasthan surrounded by Aravalli Mountains and desert is also perfect for nature lovers. At the same time, Rajasthan is also full of many beautiful historical buildings. So during winter you can visit Udaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Jaipur of Rajasthan. Also, you can visit Rajasthan in winter to enjoy Gangaur Festival, Pushkar Fair and Elephant Festival.

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