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Dhanaulti is famous for the beautiful views of the mountains, the weather will make you crazy


Nature can be seen very closely in Dhanaulti.
This tourist destination situated on the mountains is very pleasing to the people.

Mountain trip to Dhanaulti: Dhanaulti is a very beautiful tourist destination situated in the high and beautiful plains of Uttarakhand. Travelers get to see amazing views of nature by visiting here. Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Dhanaulti is a great option to visit. Departing from Dehradun and Mussoorie, Dhanaulti is situated on a hill 2286 meters high, about 60 kilometers away, where you can reach Mussoorie with the help of many means. There are many popular places to visit in Dhanaulti. There are many good hotels here, where you can feel like being in the lap of nature. There are many such spots in Dhanaulti from where you can directly see the wonderful hills of the Himalayas. In the winter season, Dhanaulti looks beautiful covered with snow, but the monsoon journey will also be very memorable.

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What is special in Dhanaulti?
Dhanaulti is no less than a paradise because the weather does not change here. You will easily get to see rain, sun or mist here at the same time. Dhanaulti contains natural beauty inside itself. You can join various types of adventure camps by visiting Dhanaulti. Where many types of adventures are done which give you memorable and thrilling experience. A trip to Dhanaulti is the best option to truly feel connected to nature.

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The most special is the Eco Park of Dhanaulti
Spread over 13 hectares, Eco Park is the most popular tourist place of Dhanaulti. Many types of vegetation and plants can be seen by visiting the Eco Park of Dhanaulti. There are also many types of games for children to play in Eco Park, which children like very much. The most important thing about Eco Park is that there is a huge contribution of the citizens in its development, tourists visiting Eco Park also go there by planting their names. You can visit Dhanaulti in any season, the sunrise and sunset are mesmerizing here.

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