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If you want to travel abroad without visa, then visit these countries, you will get free…

List of Visa Free Countries: After the Corona epidemic, once again the world has opened the doors of its countries for tourists. People have prepared a list of their favorite destinations. Especially, who does not feel like traveling abroad. Everyone aspires to travel abroad, but visa is the biggest obstacle in their journey. So today we are going to tell you about some countries where you can travel without visa.

Now if you are thinking that how can this happen? So if you are also thinking like this then you are not aware of the power of Indian passport. Actually, the citizens of a country whose passport is as strong as it is, do not face any problem in traveling to any other country. So let us tell you about some such defects, where you can travel only with the help of Indian passport.

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Barbados is a beautiful country situated in the lap of nature, which is situated on the Caribbean island in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. You can travel here without visa with Indian passport, that too not for a day or two but for full 90 days. Here you can enjoy many captivating and beautiful places.

Apart from Barbados, you can also travel to Oceania without a visa. In Oceania, you can visit beautiful places like Marshall Island, Cook Island, Fiji, Samoa, Niue, Vanuatu, Micronesia and Palau Island.

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Yes, you can also visit Bhutan without a visa. Only Indian passport is enough to roam here. But, to roam here, keep any two valid travel documents with you. Valid Indian passport with minimum 6 months validity is enough to travel here.
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If you have been planning to visit this beautiful destination i.e. Indonesia for a long time, then you can go here without any visa. But, if you wish to stay here for a long time then you may need a visa.

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If you are planning a trip to Macau for less than 30 days, then you will not need any visa to go here. But, if going here for more than 30 days, do not forget to apply for a visa.

You will not need any visa to enter Serbia. Any Indian can visit Serbia without visa for 30 days in a year

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