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Lord Krishna still dances at this place of Vrindavan. Very mysterious…


It is said that even today in the Nidhivan of Vrindavan, Shri Krishna creates Raas.
No one is allowed to stay in Nidhivan after evening.

Trip to Vrindavan: Many people are fond of visiting religious places. There are innumerable religious places in our country, where plans are being made to go. Every religious place is famous for its own stories. Somebody’s story is interesting and some one’s full of mystery. One of these is the land of Mathura-Vrindavan. There are many temples on this holy land of Shri Krishna, but there is also a place where even today there are many secrets related to Shri Krishna. Where Shri Krishna still performs Raas with the Gopis. That place is Nidhivan. Nidhivan is a very holy, religious and mysterious place. Tourists come here from far and wide. Let us know about what are the secrets related to Nidhivan, which became the subject of discussion.

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shri krishna dance
This secret of Nidhivan is such, which hardly anyone believes. But if people believe that even today Lord Krishna dances with Radha and the Gopis in Nidhivan.

Secrets related to Rasleela
It is said that after the aarti in the temple, Shri Krishna performs Raslila with Radha and the Gopis in Nidhivan, and comes here every day.

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Those who stay in the temple become blind
People say that no one is allowed to stay in Nidhivan. Anyone who tries to stop. He either goes blind or dies before revealing what happened in the night.

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Secrets related to Rang Mahal
It is believed that there is also a deep mystery attached to the Rang Mahal here. It is said that a bed is prepared after the aarti inside the Rang Mahal. Where a sari, bangle, betel leaves, laddus are kept in a jug filled with water. The next morning everything gets scattered. It is said that after the aarti, the monkeys present there also go away from that area.

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Mysterious Trees of Nidhivan
The stomachs in Nidhivan are of many sizes and small. They are folded and connected to each other. Their size makes those trees quite unusual. Usually the branches of the tree grow upwards, but the branches of these trees grow downwards. These are the secrets related to Nidhivan, which remain the center of attraction in themselves. If you also want to know about these secrets closely, then whenever you come to visit Mathura, then definitely go to visit Nidhi Van.

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