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If you are a heart patient, then keep these 5 things in mind before the journey, it will be cut with peace…

Who doesn’t want to leave the house? Then whether it is a matter of traveling or attending a special function. Every person has a desire to go out for a walk. However, many times the reason for not going out of the house is health condition. In the event of a serious illness, a person is forced to go nowhere. One of these diseases is heart disease.

If you have ever suffered from any cardio vascular disease, then you can travel with the advice of a doctor and taking some special precautions. If you are planning to travel, then before that know these important things, which will help in making your journey happy and safe.

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Consult a doctor before travel If you are a heart patient, consult a doctor before embarking on any short or long journey. Get their test done and only after the test report is normal, make up your mind to travel keeping in mind the precautions given by the doctor.

Travel only if vaccinated Plan your journey only if you are fully vaccinated. In addition to the booster dose of Kovid in these vaccinations, get vaccinations related to typhoid, hepatitis A and B.

Don’t forget to keep medicines Before leaving somewhere, keep medicines along with documents and cards. Do not make the mistake of forgetting them at all. If the doctor advises, apart from the regular, keep some other medicines on the basis of prescription.

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Be careful in long journey Whether traveling by plane or train, heart patients need special care. Before leaving for the journey, instead of more oil and spices, eat healthy and light things. Keep your body hydrated. Don’t take stress about anything.

Take care of the diet After you leave the house after eating lightly, keep in mind that do not be careless in eating on the way. Eat just to satisfy your hunger and don’t make the mistake of eating junk or processed food while travelling.

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Even after taking these precautions, if you feel uncomfortable during the journey, then without delay, take the help of the doctor present there and connect with your regular doctor to tell your case history.

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