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The magical city ‘Mandu’ is a confluence of natural and historical places, will become memorable…


You will be surprised to see the architectural beauty of Mandu.
Mandu was once known as Shadalabad.

Things to see in Mandu: Mandu city of Madhya Pradesh is famous for its beauty and historical places across the country. Due to its natural beauty and ancient places, it is also called the magical city. If you are fond of traveling, then once Must visit Mandu. Here you will get all kinds of pleasure. It is a lot of fun to visit this place in the rainy season. Enjoying the views here is nothing less than a paradise experience. There are also many heritage sites at this place. Boating in places like Jahaj Mahal is also a different fun of its own. There are also many beautiful lakes here. This place introduces you to Afghan architecture. Many palaces are also present here which will help you to experience the history. Know some special things about Mandu.

Famous Destinations to Visit
Must visit the famous Baz Bahadur Palace here. This palace was built in the 16th century amidst large mountains and greenery. Rani Rupvati Pavilion can also be seen from here. The famous gates or doors of Mandu have been made to provide security to this place and visiting here can become a memorable experience for you.

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Don’t forget to visit these places
Jahaz Mahal is the most famous tourist attraction here. It is made by Sultan Ghiyas ud Din Khilji and it does not sink in water so everyone is surprised to see it. If you like to see the history or architecture of new places, then definitely go to the carousel temple. This is also a very famous temple of Mandu.

Shopping will be fun too
Also make a plan to visit places like Jama Masjid as this place helps in seeing Afghan architecture. If you are interested in shopping etc. then you can go to local shops and shop for chanderi, block print, silk and chiffon.

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