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Meghalaya’s ‘Whistling Village’ is very unique, you will be surprised to know the specialty


This beautiful village of Meghalaya is situated in the lap of nature.
People in this village are not known by name but by tune.

Trip To Meghalaya: There is a village in Meghalaya where people have a tune instead of a name. This village is Kong Thang and is also known as Whistling Village. To reach here, earlier 8 to 10 km trekking had to be done. The good thing is that now a motorable road has been built here and there is no need to trek. One can see nature here and meet and talk to the people of a particular community living here. To call people here, not their names but their tunes are used. Let us know about this unique village of India.

Tune name tradition
This unique village is known because of its unique tradition Jingrawai Labi. After birth a mother gives a tune to her child like eoow or ooeee etc. This tune becomes the identity of the child. Apart from this, the mother has to find another tune for the child so that this tune can remain only in the name of the child. Another thing here is that people talk to each other only through tune. According to the villagers, no one name is given to another person. Every person’s name is different. Tune names are also of two types. One to summon a person and the other to drive away evil spirits. The villagers have two names, one regular and one as a song.

Travelers know these things
This place is considered one of the most beautiful places. This place is three hours away from Shillong. No ticket is needed to go here. Make sure that you reach this place only during the day time so that you can see everything well.

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