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These markets of Pune are the best for street shopping, because of this you get pulled…


A good variety of food with trendy items can be found in the markets of Pune.
Pune is also famous for its street markets along with historical buildings.

Famous Street Markets Of Pune: The city of Maharashtra, Pune is famous for its culture. There are many historical places here, which people reach from every corner of the country to see. The food here is very famous and delicious. People like the food market here very much. A trip to Pune is not complete without shopping. You can do a lot of shopping on a trip to Pune. The shopping streets of Pune are well known for their unique collections and affordable prices. If you have never explored the shopping streets of Pune, then you must visit these markets once. Here you will easily get cheap and good stuff. Telling you about the cheap and famous markets of Pune.

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Fashion Street : As the name suggests, it is a fashionable clothing market. You can buy the best of Indian Dresses and Western Dresses at very low prices at this street market in Pune. You can shop at more than 400 stalls in this market.

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Juna Market: If you want to buy trendy antique items to decorate your home then this market is best for you. Here you can buy jewelry along with home decorating items.

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Hong Kong Lane : Here you will find clothes, footwear, electronic items, handbags, or everyday household items at very low prices. Due to the variety and cheap price of this market, it is famous all over Maharashtra. You should definitely explore this market once.

Tulsi Garden: Tulsi Bagh is one of the oldest street markets in Pune. Here you will get a huge variety of readymade garments as well as their cost will be very less. Apart from readymade garments, you will get a huge range of artificial jewelry here. Which you can buy at reasonable price.

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