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Yashpal Negi is famous all over the country for bird watching, more than 500 birds…

Sonia Mishra /Rudraprayag. Often you must have heard about those who migrate from the mountains in search of employment, but apart from these, some youths are working to find new ways of employment for themselves in these mountains and they are also getting huge profits from it. Today we are going to tell you about such a person. In Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, bird lover Yashpal Negi lives in Makkumath, the winter seat of Lord Tungnath, the third Kedar, who is counted among the country’s leading bird lovers.

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The whole family has shared the responsibility

Every year many people who love birds from every corner of the country reach Yashpal, whom he makes to see the wonderful world of birds and as a guide, he also earns a good income from this. Along with this, his wife and his son also cooperate well in this work. While his wife cooks and serves food to the tourists, the son drives the car. Dehradun brings tourists from Haridwar, that means the responsibility of all the family members is divided among themselves.

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Bird watching has been done to the famous photographers of the country!

Yashpal Negi’s name in bird watching is famous not only in Uttarakhand but also in the whole of India. It has been published in the magazine tour coming out of Calcutta and he has got the country’s well-known Ginami bird lover photographer birdwatching. It includes famous photographers from Calcutta to Delhi.

Experts on over 500 birds!

Yashpal Negi says that a total of 1200 species of birds are found in the whole country, out of which more than half of 710 species are found in Uttarakhand, which play an important role in improving the environmental balance and ecosystem here. At present, he has information about more than 500 species of birds and seeing which it seems as if this is my world.

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