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If you have gone to visit Lucknow, then definitely explore these nearby places, memorable…


Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is 50 kms from Lucknow.
Tilhar is situated at a distance of 191 kms from Lucknow.

Travel tips: There are countless places to visit in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. From historical buildings to beautiful parks, Lucknow is famous all over the country. In such a situation, most people who are fond of traveling like to enjoy Lucknow. If you are going to visit Lucknow, then exploring some places around Lucknow can also be best for you.

Most of the tourists in Lucknow, which is called the city of Nawabs, usually come to see Bara Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, Clock Tower and Jaineshwar Mishra Park. At the same time, the delicious taste of the royal Khans of Lucknow makes your trip fun. While visiting Lucknow, visiting some places can add to your journey. Let us tell you about some special places to visit around Lucknow.

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Best trip to Bithoor
Located just 84 km away from Lucknow, Bithoor is known for many historical things. According to mythological beliefs, Maharishi Valmiki composed the Ramayana here, while the trumpet of independence against the British was also blown from Bithoor itself. Here you can visit Dhruv Tila, Rani Laxmibai Ghat, Valmiki Ashram, Pathar Ghat and Brahmavarta Ghat.

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journey to sravasti
Shravasti, located 156 km from Lucknow, is famous for many temples besides Buddhist and Jain pilgrimage places. In Shravasti, you can make your journey memorable by visiting Vibhutinath Temple, Suheldev Temple, Kachi Kuti and Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Visit Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary
The name of Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, located just 50 km from Lucknow, is included in the list of Ramsar sites. In this sanctuary on the Lucknow-Kanpur highway, you can see more than 250 species of birds from the country and abroad. Apart from this, Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is also very famous for Siberian Crane.

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Explore Tilhar
Tilhar is situated at a distance of 191 kms from Lucknow. During the Mughal period, Tilhar used to supply arrows and arrows for Akbar’s army. Due to which many historical forts are also seen in Tilhar. Apart from this, you can also explore many beautiful places on the way to Tilhar.

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