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There is a plan to travel in the beautiful plains of Himachal Pradesh, definitely make Losar village,…


This village is a very beautiful village in Lahaul and Spiti district.
A large number of tourists come here to participate in adventure activities.

Himachal Pradesh Losar Village: Although the beauty of Himachal is visible in every area here, but there are some scenes where people like to come not once but many times. Losar is one such beautiful village of Himachal. Yes, this village is a very beautiful village in Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. Tourists reach here not only from the country but also from abroad and get mesmerized by seeing the nature here.

where is this place
Losar village is situated at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level. This village is situated at the end of Spiti, which is adjacent to the border of India and China. Losar is very popular among trekkers and hikers.

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moon lake is special
If you go to Losar village, then definitely visit the Moon Lake here. Tourists from every corner of the country reach every year to see this lake. Situated between mountains and valleys, this lake attracts a lot of tourists. The view of beauty here is really amazing. This lake of blue colored water is considered one of the best places for tourists.

when is it good to go
In winter, this place becomes even more inaccessible and a sheet of snow is visible all around. This is the reason that this place remains closed for visitors in winter. If you want to have a view here then make a plan to go in summer. A large number of tourists come here to participate in adventure activities.

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Exciting way to go
The way to reach Losar is very difficult and full of adventure. If you are fond of taking an exciting journey in Himachal Pradesh, then you must go to Losar. You can plan to visit here during the Losar festival as well.

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places around
Let us tell you that the distance from Losar to Kaza is about 57 kilometers. Tourists come here to enjoy trekking and snow riding. This village is actually situated at the mouth of two rivers named Losar and Pino. The natural beauty here is similar to that of Ladakh. Here you can see beautiful hills, mountain rivers, far-flung valleys. To reach here, tourists have to cross the Kunjam Pass. In this way, if you are really a nature lover and have not come to this village of Himachal till now, then definitely make a plan to come here in the next few days.

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