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Budapest is the best option for international trip, do this tour plan


The atmosphere and culture of Budapest attracts tourists.
Budapest has the third largest parliament building in the world.

Visiting Places In Budapest: Hungary’s capital Budapest is also called the Paris of the East. Budapest is famous for its old and popular buildings, churches, museums and natural beauty. The culture, art and heritage sites here attract the whole world. Budapest has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are many world famous spots like Margaret Island, City Woodland Park, Heroes Square, Millennium Monument, Hungarian National Museum, University Church, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Danube Promenade.

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Here you will easily find luxury, mid range and budget hotels as per your choice. Along with Budapest, there are also other attractive cities around it like Prague and Romania which make it the best option for a great international trip.

Best Tourist Spots to Visit in Budapest

Buda Castle

Buda Castle on Castle Hill is a beautiful 200-room palace. It has also been made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The fort also houses the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum.

Parliament House

Budapest has the world’s third largest parliament building with 19 km of corridors and 691 rooms. People come from far and wide to see the Hungarian Crown Jewels, the Ethnography Museum and the best designing here.

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Matthias Church

This ancient church located on Castle Hill is also known as “Church of Our Lady”. Witnessing many historical events, this church has been attracting tourists with its unique design over the years.

gellert hill

There are tourist spots of different moods like Gellert Monument, Liberation Monument, Jubilee Park and Great Market Hall. People also like to come here to take new experiences like Galer Spa and Rudas Bath.

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If there is a plan to visit religious places, then these can be 4 best destinations

Museum of Fine Arts

Along with Hungary, there is a great collection of Italian, Spanish and Dutch paintings. This huge museum is in different parts, such as Egyptian Art, Ancient Art, Old Sculpture Gallery, Old Painter Gallery, Modern Collection, and Graphics Collection.

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