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If you are going to Gujarat, then include these places in the list, surely you will say-…


You must have heard the name of Rann of Kutch. This city is also famous for the beautiful white sand.
Vadodara is called the cosmopolitan city of Gujarat. Apart from this, the history associated with this city also makes it famous.

Places to Visit in Gujarat: Gujarat is one of the most famous states of India. This state, which is counted among the cultural diversity and the most prosperous states of the country, is no less even in terms of beauty. Gujraj is called the ‘Jewel of the West’ of India. The reason for which is the art, wildlife and beauty here. Here you will find many such beautiful places which will fascinate you. Apart from this, it is also considered to be the origin of the Indus Valley Civilization, one of the ancient civilizations of the world. So if you too are planning a trip to this beautiful state, then here we are going to tell you about some such places, where you too will say- ‘Come and see Gujarat…’

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Ahmedabad is such a city of Gujarat, which is known for its development. If you are going to visit Gujarat then your trip to Gujarat is incomplete without visiting Ahmedabad. Because, the culture here, the beauty of the Sabarmati river and the delicious food make it different from other places.

Gir National Park
Gir National Park is said to be the only home of the Asiatic Lion. Spread over several acres of land, Gir National Park has its identity not only in the country but in the whole world. The wild life here is mind-blowing. Gir National Park is full of lions, mammals and many other animals.

You must have heard about the temple of Somnath, yes one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Apart from this, it is also considered as the stronghold of the moon god. The architecture and craftsmanship of Somnath temple gives it worldwide recognition. Apart from the Somnath temple, the sea views and museum here are also one of its specialties.

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Saputara, located in Gujarat province, is a small but very beautiful tourist destination, which is located in the Western Ghats. Its natural beauty, high mountains and beautiful waterfalls… make their abode in the minds of people. Snakes also reside here, that’s why it is called the abode of snakes. People here also worship snakes on auspicious occasions. Apart from this, this place is also best for trekking.

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Junagadh keeps its identity worldwide for its history and monuments. If you are planning Gir National Park during your Gujarat trip, then do not forget to visit Junagadh. The Wildlife Museum here also makes this place special.

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Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat, is located 23 km from Ahmedabad. Here is one of the most grand and beautiful temples of India, Akshardham Temple, which is famous all over the world. So if you are going to Gujarat then Gandhinagar must also be visited.

Have you heard about Champaner? If not, then here we tell you some facts related to this place, knowing about which you will also feel like going here. History says that Champaner was founded by Raja Chavda of the Chavda dynasty. The special thing is that it has also been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Dwarka, the home of Lord Krishna is also situated in Gujarat. It is counted among the most sacred cities of India, as it is also one of the Char Dhams. According to mythology, Lord Krishna established his kingdom in Dwarka itself. Apart from this, Nageshwar Jyotirlinga temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, is also located here.

You must have heard the name of Rann of Kutch. This city is also famous for the beautiful white sand. Kutch is as famous as it is beautiful. This is the reason why people from far and wide come to visit Kutch.

Vadodara is called the cosmopolitan city of Gujarat. Apart from this, the history associated with this city also makes it famous. Here there are beautiful and huge buildings built by King Sayaji Rao Gaikwad III of the Maratha Empire. It is also called the cultural capital of Gujarat.

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