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Are you afraid of air turbulence in the plane? Know 5 simple ways to get rid of nervousness.


If you don’t like turbulence then it would be better if you take the front seat.
Keep yourself busy in activities that engage the brain, it will reduce fear.

How To Deal With Stress Of Air Turbulence: On the coming days, the news of plane crashes and their footage are seen going viral on social media. Seeing these videos, anyone’s hair will stand on end. Especially the passengers who often have to travel by air, it is natural for them to be nervous. Especially if there is air turbulence during the journey, many passengers get very stressed or panic due to nervousness. But let us tell you that air turbulence is a part of air travel which is not dangerous in any way. But if you or a member of your family experiences panic in turbulence then we can help you.

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Remove the stress of air turbulence like this

Learn the reason for air turbulence
Air turbulence occurs due to many reasons which are not dangerous in any way. Actually, when there is a change in the air flow or when we enter the atmosphere, it can be felt on the surface of the plane. Because of this, friction is felt on the outer surface of the plane, which is a completely normal process. This is not a sign of anything untoward in any way.

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seat belt
If instructions are being given to fasten seat belts during turbulence, it does not mean that it is a danger bell. Rather it is just a rule which is done to save you from being cheated.

do breathing exercises
If you are experiencing panic, deep breathing exercises can help you stay calm and stress-free. For this, take a deep breath, hold it for a while, then exhale completely. Do this 8 to 10 times.

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keep brain engaged
During this time, if you keep yourself busy in world puzzle, board game or some brain engaging activities, then you will feel less scared.

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choosing the right seat
If you don’t like turbulence, then it is better to take the front seat or take the seat above the wing. There is less turbulence experienced here. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm them. Before implementing these, contact the concerned expert.)

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