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6 places of Himachal look like Switzerland in winter, for nature lovers…


Manali is one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh.
You will feel like Ladakh in the cold desert Spiti Valley.

Himachal pradesh tourist destinations: Himachal Pradesh surrounded by snowy valleys and its beauty cannot be compared to anyone. Himachali snowfall attracts tourists not only from the country but from all over the world. Although this very beautiful place is visited by tourists throughout the year, but in winters the view here looks unique and dreamlike. The rows of mountains and valleys covered with a snowy sheet force the tourists to come again. If you are also a nature lover, then come here and feel its sight once. Today we are telling you about the most beautiful places of Himachal, where everyone must visit at least once.

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Shimla- Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is a very beautiful place. Where tourists reach throughout the year to see the natural view. This city is a beautiful hill station situated at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, where the mall road, toy train and ridge work to make your journey even more fun. Apart from the plaintiffs, you can also take a view of the historical buildings here. You can reach Shimla from Delhi by bus, train or flight.

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Hospice- Although Dharamshala is not a new place for cricket lovers, but apart from the stadium, there are many places where you can enjoy nature. The upper part of Dharamshala is known as Mcleodganj which is a beautiful hill station in itself. Not only this, Kangra can also be visited near Dharamshala.

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Manali- Manali is one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. Yes, along with snowfall in Manali, green fields, mountain river and flower gardens also attract a lot of tourists. This place has also flourished from a spiritual point of view. If you go to the city of Manali situated in a peaceful environment, then you must visit the beautiful temples here. You can also enjoy adventure activities here.

Kasauli- Kasauli is also a small town full of natural beauty, where a large number of tourists come to visit. The view here is really amazing in winter. The natural beauty and serene atmosphere here will compel you to stay.

Spiti Valley- The cold desert Spiti Valley will make you feel like Ladakh. The snowy mountains all around and the distant sky seem like a dream for the tourists. There is heavy snowfall in winter here. That’s why this place is closed for many days in winter.

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Billing Valley- A visit to Billing Valley is a combination of beauty and adventure. If you are a nature lover and want peace, then come here and spend some time. Along with snowfall, you can also enjoy adventurous activities here in winter. Here the facility of paragliding and trekking is also given to the tourists.

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