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The presidency of G-20 for the tourism industry is special because the tourism secretary told…

Hospice. The presidency of the G20 is very special for the country as well as the tourism industry. For the tourism industry that was badly affected after Corona, this chairmanship will act as a lifesaving work. This was stated by Tourism Secretary Arvind Singh during the ongoing two-day National Conference of Tourism Ministers in Dharamsala, Himachal. He said that due to the increase in tourism, while the GDP of the country will increase, there will be a lot of employment opportunities.

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Arvind Singh said that for the first time after Corona, we have gathered together to discuss directly. It has become very important to bring the tourism industry back on track. He said that the presidency of G20 provides a better opportunity to promote the tourism sector in India. With this, the tourism industry will grow more than before.

He told that in the next one year, 250 conferences of G20 will be held in the country. There will be 5 conferences of the Ministry of Tourism. Similarly, conferences of other ministries will also be organized. These conferences will be organized in the tourist places of the country, so that the officials related to the G20 country will be able to see the tourist places of the country and they will discuss it in their respective countries. Foreign tourists will increase in this country. This will definitely give a boost to the tourism industry.

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He said that 85 percent of the total population is from G20 countries. At the same time, 85 percent of the total GDP is of these G20 countries. Therefore, this step will be very effective to promote tourism. This will boost domestic tourism in the country

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