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Top 5 Tips For Man To Make Her Attracted Towards You

Tips For Man To Make Her Attracted
Written by Altaf Shaikh

You fell for a girl from your class or high school or elsewhere and you did some research about her from her friends or any other good source.

You found out that she’s single and that gave a signal for you to approach to her But you don’t know how to make her have feelings for you.

Well, you are in the right spot. Girls have different emotions unlike boys, So you need to approach her in a manly way that girl can’t ignore you.

Begin With a Conversation 

Tips For Man To Make Her Attracted

Approach to her and begin a conversation with her. If you don’t start a conversation with her nor approach to her, don’t cry when she gets into a relationship with another guy cause you never took the first step.

And always remember some points when you start a conversation with her for the first time.

  • Your first impression must be perfect, Cause girls will inspect the type of guy you are so you must be confident about yourself and don’t do stupid kinds of stuff in front of her that will make her uncomfortable on the first time.
  • Come up with some good topics to talk about and avoid boring topics that will her mood to talk.
  • Be humble with her.
  • Never talk about your personal things and don’t ask her about her personal things either.
  • Let her complete what she is saying, never interrupt while she is saying anything.
  • Pay attention to her and listen to what she says.
  • Don’t brag about yourself otherwise, she won’t take interest to take the conversation further.
  • Don’t always say yes to whatever statement she says, if the statement is wrong then give her your point of view too. This will show her about your honesty.

Don’t be An Impatient Douchebag

Tips For Man To Make Her Attracted

You became friends (Hooray), she started being friendly with you and you thought she onto you too then you told her your feelings and……….. She said “NO”. Of course, she will reject you.

Build a good relationship with her first; earn her trust well before you take it further. This requires lots of patients.

Avoid Taking The Risky Road

cTips For Man To Make Her Attracted

When you are talking with her don’t ask her about her ex-boyfriend or how did they break up. This will remind her of her old love and when you try to comfort her then congrats you are promoted to “THE GURU ZONE”, where she will dump all her feelings on you.

Unless you don’t want that, avoiding it will be best for you. Don’t come up with direct mood off topic. A girl never gets bored with an interesting person. so be interesting.

Give Her Your Time But Not All of Your Time

Tips For Man To Make Her Attracted

You are crazy for her, you are waiting for her to get online too. You talked on the phone whenever she wanted to talk. My advice is avoiding this trap.

If you are available all the time whenever she wants somebody to talk to then slowly she will lose interest in you and more likely you will be stuck forever in the friend zone or be promoted to bro zone (HEARTBREAK).

So in order to avoid all of that, Text her when you have time and she has time for you too, Don’t go all night long text or phone with her, you must know when to end the conversation. She will start missing you if you execute it perfectly.

Maintain Your Personal Hygiene

Tips For Man To Make Her Attracted

Let’s just say today is the first day with the girl, and if you look nasty then that’s a big turn off for the girl you will ultimately get a “ NO ” and she will lose interest on you.

Personal Hygiene is really important for you. Girls like guys who are clean and have a good scent. Remember the time when your mom tells you to take shower every day but you were too lazy to take shower, go thank your mom.

Well, I hope you find this article interesting. if you also have some tips to suggest, you can always comment here using the form given below. Thank you for visiting.

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