Top 3 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers 2018

Cloud Storage Providers
Written by Altaf Shaikh

Advancement of internet technology has given birth to a new system of storing files and documents, now people prefer to use the remote based storage rather than the using the local storage.

From movies to songs, everything is played through online streaming now which we used to play from the local media files stored in our storage devices.

And now you can also have the advantage of using the cloud storage and reduce the requirements of physical memories.

And here I have put forward the best cloud storage providers, according to their ratings and features which may help you in choosing the best one for yourself.

With the cloud storage service now you can access all of your important data, such as PDF, spreadsheet, photos, Word Docs etc, this service also lets you save your important media files including photos and videos, save any digital assets and keep it safe and secure.

You are now no longer need be close to your PCs to access your working files, with the help of cloud storage you can access the files even from your Smartphone’s and any smart digital types of equipment or devices. Whether you are enjoying the natural beauty of the park, or in a journey, traveling by train, cloud storage lets you access the files from anywhere from any place.

Top 3 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers

Although there are thousands of cloud storage providers out there, not all of them are suitable in terms of quality and their service.

When it comes to choosing the best cloud storage providers some points should have to be in mind such as which cloud storage will be best for that particular work, does it supports all the devices that you are going to use, does it provides the fermium service etc.

so it I necessary to know all the detail of cloud storage provider, and to make it easy for you I have sorted out the top 3 trending Cloud storage provider below, which you might found useful.

1.       Google Drive

Cloud Storage Providers

This is one of the best Cloud storage service, very powerful and very useful for collaborative officials work, all the features of Google are integrated into it. You can now access and create, edit your important documents such as spreadsheet, documents, Google forms, presentation, and many more. Google Drive provides you 15 GB storage for free on start which is also shared with Google services like Google+ photos, Gmail etc.

2.       DropBox

Cloud Storage Providers

The drop is no doubt one of the best easy to use cloud storage providers, which provide 2GB of free storage for free and 1 TB of storage every month in exchange for $10. DropBox provides awesome features including the camera photo upload, smoothly runs in all of the devices. DropBox is basically very popular for File-syncing service. One of the best features of it is that there is no file size limit which means now you can upload files of any size.

3.       Microsoft OneDrive

Cloud Storage Providers

Microsoft Onedrive also was known as Skydrive, the best innovation, and very useful cloud storage provider for Office purposes, and if you are a user of Microsoft Windows, this can be a good option for you to dive in.

its fermium subscription provides 5GB of free storage and you can also win some extra rewards by following certain instruction, for example by referring this service to friends, syncing photos etc.

Hope you liked what you have just read, as I have mentioned all the cloud storage providers here are very best in all aspects and features. Try any one of the above and speak to us about your experience with it by commenting below. Thank you for reading.

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